Careem, a 3.1B unicorn, an Uber company, and the region's favorite technology platform. We are building a vision to become a super-app of the Middle East, the place to get anything: from a taxi ride to intercity travel, bike rentals, and food delivery.

I'm working in the ride-hailing domain, leading the Customer app design and corporate experience. My main focus areas are:

Product design and execution. Ensuring designs are based on user insights, and the end experience meets the quality bar.
Digital design consistency. Building Figma‚ü∂Code design token library and driving design system adopting through engineering teams.
Team growth and advocating for design in the company. Supporting and helping designers to grow. Showcasing design work inside and outside the organization, manifesting value of design to the leadership. Building a design culture by hosting design-related sessions.
Supper app vision support.
Highlights of my work over the last year in Careem:

Careem Bus launch. A full UCD cycle, from on the ground research in Cairo and user journey mapping, to product design, user testing, and app launch.

Customer Journey Map for Careem Ride-hailing. It has two sections for new and returning users and includes realtime GA funnel data and other sources as store reviews, user's feedback, and user-testing results. To complete this initiative, I facilitated GA events audit, restructure, and creating GA events documentation.

Ride-hailing product design strategy. Together with the product team and the company leadership, we built a North Star experience for the Careem mobility platform. This vision helps us build product roadmaps, align stakeholders, and deliver a design that scales.

Design system in code. We are building an internal tool that allows us to use design tokens from Figma and generate production-ready styles for iOS, Android, and Web. I'm driving adoption through frontend engineering across the company.