Anton Badashov

Design Lead at Careem
(Acq. by Uber), ex. Yandex

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At Careem we have achieved a vision to become a super-app of the Middle East, the place to get anything: from a taxi ride to intercity travel, bike rentals, and food and groceries delivery

Careem fact



I'm working in the ride-hailing domain, leading the Customer app design and corporate experience.

Below are some things I focus on


Product design and execution. Ensuring designs are based on user insights, and the end experience meets the quality bar

  • User research & user testing process
  • Data-driven design approach
  • Devs handoff process

Digital design consistency

  • Building Figma>Code design token library

  • Driving design system adopting through engineering teams

  • Evolving cross-vertical design system together with other designers

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Team growth and advocating for design in the company

  • Having regular 1/1s with designers to support them and help them to grow.

  • Showcasing design work inside and outside the organization, manifesting value of design to the leadership.

  • Building a design culture by hosting design-related sessions

Super app
vision support

Shaping the vision of contextual everyday helper, super app of the region, that knows your behavior and would recommend you the right thing whenever you open the app.


Highlights of my work over the last year in Careem


Careem Bus launch

A full UCD cycle, from on the ground research in Cairo and user journey mapping, to product design, user testing, and app launch.

Watch our launch video or read the case study at Medium (coming soon)


Watch the video we prepared for company product launch

Customer Journey Map for Careem Ride-hailing

We mapped two sections for new and returning users and included realtime GA funnel data and other sources as store reviews, user's feedback, and user-testing results.

To complete this initiative, I facilitated GA events audit, restructure, and creating GA events documentation.


Ride-hailing product design strategy

Together with the product team and the company leadership, we built a North Star experience for the Careem mobility platform. 

With a set of guiding principles, this vision helps us build product roadmaps, align stakeholders, and deliver a design that scales.


Design system in code

We are building an internal tool that allows us to use design tokens from Figma and generate production-ready styles for iOS, Android, and Web.

I'm driving adoption through frontend engineering across the company.


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Careem for Business

I'm involved in the C4B project and helped shape the vision of the product.

As the business stream is growing rapidly I’m helping different teams from Bus and Delivery find their place in the portal, sharing base infrastructure and giving them space and freedom to build their own user scenarios.


In Yandex, I joined a small team kickstarting Yandex Buses project. Similar to European FlixBus, we offered affordable intercity travel in branded transport using partners fleets across Russia.

Yandex fact

It's Google

of Russia

My role was extensive, from brand
and experience to coding


Yandex Bus identity

Logo, communications, and fleet branding. The last was an exciting challenge: it had to be aligned with the main brand and also be cheap to put on the car.


Roads get dirty during the winter season in Russia; we had to be smart how to apply our branding


Customer apps
& Backoffice

Together we engineering we built which allowed booking bus seats, and a back-office web portal, where people on the ground planned intercity routes.


UCD process

We followed the user-centric process, conducted user research, with a lot of prototyping and user testing, including traveling to Chelyabinsk to speak with bus drivers


Onboard portal

In a resource crunch, I designed and coded (React) an onboard wi-fi portal where passengers could watch movies and access the main web.


Thermal printer tickets process


Best Intranet Russia 2017, 2015
Step Two Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards 2018
Best Digital Corporate Media 2015
Best in Russia 2015. Top 25 Apps by Apple


My experience


Biglion is a Russian Groupon with more than 3m monthly users. Here are some things I helped the company to achieve as an art director.

  • Atomic design system in code
  • Unified and automated marketing communications
  • A new look and adaptive web with custom typography system
  • Updated authentication flow with  a 30% increase in sign up rate
  • Redesigned checkout stage had with a 10% boost in conversion rate across all platforms
  • Renewed iOS and Android apps which have 25% higher purchase conversion rate

Kalashnikov Media

I designed the corporate media for the most famous Russian defense manufacturing concern. Kalashnikov concern generates a lot of news, videos about high tech weapons, and we come up with the platform to share such things.


Ideofit is an iOS app that helps people to try on real glasses that they can buy right away. It uses a neural network to accurately place a generated 3D model of glasses on the user's face. My job was to scope the MVP, design the look and feel for the product, apps, and promo materials.


Storia is a social publishing startup. The product meant to help people create rich, immersive stories on the go, stories they can update part by part with pictures and videos. I led a product design team of two designers.

The Moscow Times

The Moscow Times is Russia’s leading, independent English-language publication. Its mission is to provide foreigners and internationally oriented Russians with breaking news, engaging stories, and well-researched journalism about the largest country on Earth.

I designed the adaptive layout with six breakpoints for every page to make sure the website will look great on every device.

Ramber&Co Intranet

The product provides a space to talk and share ideas for every employee of the company, which was around 1500 people at the moment of launch.

It was meant to throw a bridge between different divisions, as a place to share ideas and thought. It feels personal, and it motivates people to do more. It started as a fun project but became a part of people’s lives and brought a few awards to the team.







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